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The G.O. bond program is one element of the City of Albuquerque's Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The other main elements are summary tables for the 2017 General Fund 305 Projects, Aviation and Solid Waste Departments' Enterprise Program Capital Improvement Revenue Bond Plans; the Component Capital Improvement Plan (CCIP) for the ... PDF City of Houston The Capital Improvement Plan is vital to our City. It is a plan for physical improvements to public facilities and infrastructure throughout Houston. The underlying motive behind these programs is to improve safety, mobility, and lifestyles of Houstonians, and in turn to have a positive impact on the local economy.

Airport Improvement Program (AIP) - Airports The Airport Improvement Program (AIP) provides grants to public agencies — and, in some cases, to private owners and entities — for the planning and development of public-use airports that are included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS). Airports Capital Improvement Plan - Airports The national Airports Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP) is an internal FAA document that serves as the primary planning tool for identifying and prioritizing critical airport development and associated capital needs for the National Airspace System. It also serves as the basis for the distribution of ...

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P&M - Aviation Port of Seattle - North SeaTAc Airport Renovations (NSTAR) Program Management and Controls Services Port of Seattle - Schedule Analysis Services Port of Seattle - Aviation (CIP) Capital Improvement Program / RCF PDF The State of Aviation in Louisiana - ltrc.lsu.edu To develop and execute the Aviation Priority Program and to improve aviation safety throughout the state. To continually improve our aviation infrastructure to insure a safe, modern, and well managed system of airports. January 12, 2011 Louisiana Transportation Engineering Conference WSDOT - Aviation - State Capital Improvement Program Airport Grants Program. Aviation - State Capital Improvement Program.The State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP) tackles the challenge of targeting state and federal resources in a more strategic way by better identifying and prioritizing aviation related projects. Capital improvement plan - Wikipedia

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Aviation 402: Airport planning and administration. Flashcards ... A federal fund, originally established in 1970 and funded by levies on aviation users, to be used toward airport capital improvement projects. Planning Grant Program (PGP) A federal aid to airports program established under the Airport and Airway Development Act of 1970 for approved airport planning and development project costs.

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Texas Department of Transportation -- Aviation Division Locations, Projects, and Costs January 02, 2014 AVIATION CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM -- 2013--2016 FEDERAL & STATE FY City & Airport Project Costs Total Federal LocalState 2013 Federal FY 2013 (October 2012 - September 2013)/State FY 2013 (September 2012 - August 2013) Project Description ... Assessment of Environmental Effects Seven-Year Capital ... Assessment of Environmental Effects Seven-Year Capital Improvement Program 2017-2023 Prepared by the Metropolitan Airports Commission Environment Department - October 2016

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PDF DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION - FLAuditor.gov Department-approved airport master plan and entered into the Department's Joint Automated Capital Improvement Program database. The Department awards Aviation Grant Program funding for projects through contracts with sponsors. In turn, sponsors often contract with third-party contractors who

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